Saturday, June 09, 2012

ColdFusion Query Of Queries and local scope

Few days ago I was working with  QueryOfQuery and I faced one situation where I got stucked for few hour . After few Googling I found the silly mistake I was making.

I am just trying to generate the same situation with some sample code below.

<cfset local.qryGetArtists = queryNew("") />
<cfset local.qryGetSelctedArtist = queryNew("") />

<cfquery name="local.qryGetArtists" datasource="cfartgallery">
<cfdump var="#local.qryGetArtists#">

<cfquery name="local.qryGetSelctedArtist" dbtype="query">
    SELECT * FROM local.qryGetArtists WHERE LOWER(LASTNAME) LIKE '%#lCase("Buntel")#%'
<cfdump var="#local.qryGetSelctedArtist#">

In this code, the first dump give the query Object which contains the list of artist details and after that I am just filtering that query object using Query Of Queries(QoQ) and dumping that result.

For the second dump, I got one big error message:

"Query Of Queries syntax error. Encountered "local"

Where and Why We Got This Error?
The error is due to the local scope as per the error message then why this error. In ColdFusion there are some reserved keywords are there and we can't use that reserve keyword  inside Query Of Queries directly.

This is also mentioned in the ColdFusion Documentation here.

How To Solve This Issue?

The solution is escape the reserve keyword like this:

"SELECT * FROM [local].qryGetArtists WHERE LOWER(LASTNAME) LIKE '%#lCase("Buntel")#%'"

So, the final Code for the Query Of Queries will be like below.

<cfquery name="local.qryGetSelctedArtist" dbtype="query">
    SELECT * FROM [local].qryGetArtists WHERE LOWER(LASTNAME) LIKE '%#lCase("Buntel")#%'
<cfdump var="#local.qryGetSelctedArtist#">

For more details about Query Of Queries go to the ColdFusion live document. (ColdFusion Query Of Queries)

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