Sunday, February 16, 2014

Reset ColdFusion Admin Password

Sometimes we forget our CF Admin password or due to some reason you are not able to login to your ColdFusion Admin, so how to reset your CF Admin password.

Before ColdFusion 10 there was no such tool to reset CF Admin password but in ColdFusion 10 Adobe provides a tool to reset the password. Lets see how can we reset...

As shown in the above image go to command prompt and then go to "{CF-ROOT}\cfusion\bin" and run "dir" then you can see list of files present in that directory. There is a file present called "passwordreset.bat" and run that file. You will see another screen as below:

 For changing CF Admin password enter "1".
Follow the instructions to reset both CF Admin and RDS password then restart your CF server and you are done!!!

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