Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ColdFusion Splendor Beta Installation Procedure

ColdFusion Splendor Beta Installation Procedure :

  •  Open a Web browser and go to and login using your Adobe ID.
  •  Download ColdFusion Project Splendor and ColdFusion Builder Project Thunder.
  •  Save the file to your desktop.
  •  Once downloaded ColdFusion Splendor and ColdFusion Builder Thunder, Double Click on ColdFusion Splendor.
  • Click "Next".

  •  Accept the terms and conditions and click "Next".

In the Process of Installing the ColdFusion Splendor if it asks for Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 to install. Click "Ok" and repeat the Following Procedure.

  •  When you see the screen below, select "Developer Edition" and click "Next".

  •  Select Server configuration and click "Next".

  •  Leave the "Enable Secure Profile" check box unchecked and click "Next". As it is a development and we don't want to enable secure profile so we left it unchecked but for production server you must check it.

  •  Leave all check boxes checked and click "Next". These are the services provided by ColdFusion and if in production you don't need any of the services like ".NET Integration" or "Solr Service" then you can uncheck it but in developer edition you should check all as you may need any of them in future. 

  •  Leave the location at C:\ColdFusionSplendor\ and click "Next". If you want to install in a different location you can, but it is important to note that the install instructions will always reference C:\ColdFusionSplendor.

  •  Select 'Enable the Built-in web server (coexist)' and click "Next".

Now the Adobe ColdFusion Splendor Beta built in web server will be configured to use port 8501. Port 8500 is already in use (ColdFusion 10)
  •  Click "Next"

  •  Provide a password and click "Next". Make sure you remember the password; you will need this later on in the install process.

  •  Select 'Enable RDS', provide a password and click "Next". Make sure you remember the password!! In production make sure you disable RDS.

  •  Leave the 'Automatically check for server updates' selected and click "Next".

  •  Click "Install".

  •  If you receive any Windows firewall messages, click 'Allow access'.

  •  When the installation wizard is done, keep the 'Launch the Configuration Wizard in the default browser' selected and click "Done".

  •  A browser window will open. Enter your ColdFusion Administrator Password and click "Login". (This is the password which we had set for CF Admin)

  •  Click "Next"

  • Here it's asking to migrate settings of CF Admin of other CF server present in the machine. Ex: If in your machine you have CF10 and you want to migrate data source, schedule tasks and other server related settings to migrate to CF Splendor then click next. If you don't want to migrate any settings then click "skip".

  • Click "Next"

  • Click "Next" 

  • Once you receive the 'Setup Complete' screen, click the "OK" button.

  • You will now see the ColdFusion Administrator screen.

To access this screen at a later date, you can go to: http://localhost:8501/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm 

You have now successfully installed ColdFusion Splendor. To access the web root, you can go to: http://localhost:8501/. The web root on the file system is C:\ColdFusionSplendor\cfusion\wwwroot\.

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