Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Installation of ColdFusion Builder (CF THUNDER Beta)

Installation of ColdFusion Builder (CF THUNDER): 

To download ColdFusion Thunder go to the URL "" and login with your Adobe ID. Here are the following steps which clearly explains the installation procedure of CF Thunder

Step 1: Double click on the downloaded file, immediately a dialog box appears starting the installation process


 Step 2: Click on “Next”         

 Step 3: Accept the license agreement and click on “Next”

 Step 4: If you want to get the ColdFusion builder plugins within eclipse go for the second option, option 1 selects standard ColdFusion builder and click on “Next”

 Step 5: A dialog box with default path set is shown .If you want you can set the path by selecting choose button and then click “Next”

 Step 6: We can also install ColdFusion server along with thunder. As we have already have installed ColdFusion Splendor first so we will uncheck that. And select the second option to associate .cfm and .cfc files with CF Builder . If you select ColdFusion installation, here you have to set the ColdFusion Administrator password and RDS password. Otherwise ignore it.          

 Step 7: Once review the information and click install

  Step 8: It shows a pop up like this

 Step 9: If you see this screen, your installation process is successful

Step 10: After installation, if you receive any windows firewall messages click allow access

  Step 11: Here you have to select the default work space and then click "Ok".

Step 12: ColdFusion builder is opened

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