Friday, November 15, 2013

Search Functionality in CFGRID

In my previous cfgrid posts we have covered following functionality of cfgrid:

1. Starting with CFGRID( part - 1 )
2. Starting with CFGRID( part - 2 )(Auto Refreshing CFGRID)
3. Export cfgrid Data or Table Data in Excel, Pdf and CSV Format(ColdFusion - 9)
4. Conditionally Change the Color Of a Cell Text In cfgrid

Today, we will see how we can implement searching functionality in cfgrid. Lets  see our cfgrid.cfm code below:

Now, see the cfgrid.cfc:

All the above code is self explanatory. Hope it will help people who are new in ColdFusion and trying to learn about cfgrid.

Happy Coding!!!  :)

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