Monday, November 11, 2013

Starting With ColdFusion Report Builder

I think most of you have heard something about report builder in different tools like SQL server report building tool and other report building tools for different languages.

In ColdFusion, we also have a report building tool called ColdFusion Report Builder. So, lets explore about it.

What is a Report Building ?
Report building means to represent some information in graphical way ex:- different kinds of chart or tabular format.
I will cover basic things of ColdFusion Report building. I have divided the report building topic into following sections:

1. Installing ColdFusion 10 Report Builder:

- You can download ColdFusion 10 Report Builder from following URL:
- Double click on the exe file and follow the instructions to install.
- In Windows 8/Windows 2012 server you may see following error message:

Installer user interface mode not supported

Please follow below mentioned steps to avoid this error.

- Right click on the installer then you will see a screen like below.

- Select “Troubleshoot Compatibility” then you will see a trouble detecting screen and after few seconds you will see following screen.

- From the above screen select “Try recommended settings”. Then you will see following next screen.

In above screen you have to click on “Test the program” then it will be installed successfully. 

Next, after installation set up server in Report Builder. Go here to know details....

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