Monday, November 11, 2013

Server Set up in ColdFusion 10 Report Builder

When we first run Report Builder then we will see screen for server set up otherwise by clicking on
File - > New, we will see a screen like below.

Here we have to select "Server Setup Wizard" as highlighted then click "OK" it will take you to the server set up screen(as shown below).

Click "Next" in above screen then you will see another screen as shown below.

In this screen, you can see "Measurement Units" drop down. It shows different scale, you have to select one which you want to use in your report. Then click "Next". You will see another screen like below.

In above screen, we have to provide server details to which want to connect.
  • Description: Any Name for identifying that server.
  • Host Name: IP/Server Name
  • Port: Port no on which your coldfusion is running. For me it's 8500
  • Use SSL check box, content Root, RDS Security(User Name), if it is required for you.
  • Password: Provide RDS password which you have set up in ColdFusion Admin.
After all these values click on "Test Connection" to see if you are able to connect to server or not. Then you will see a screen like below.

Here everything is fine for me. If you are facing any problem please check again the values you are providing and also check whether RDS is allowed in the target server and if the server is running or not. Then close the screen and click on "OK" button. You will see below screen.

Here in above screen you can see in CF Server label "CF10 Local" is selected which we just set up. Also, you can see two other fields,
  1. Local Webroot: Web root of the server which you have selected.
  2. Website Webroot: Exact URL root to browse any file on that server.

You can follow the instructions and the example I am showing you for reference. Then Click on "Next" button, you will see a screen like below.

So, all your set up is done just click on "Finish" to complete the process or "Previsous" to change anything.

We have linked a server to the Report Builder then what's next???
Let's try a simple report template with Report Builder here. Go here....

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